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Events / Conferences / Seminars
1 multipurpose room with an area of ​​300 m2 for up to 300 people.
2 rooms under commission, for professional or private events, arranged, decorated and equipped according to need:

  •     seminars
  •     Conference
  •     Banquet
  •     cocktails
  •     weddings
  •     receptions
  •     Seated diners

Services, a professional technical team is always available as well as an attentive staff to ensure the best service.

Catering: Welcome cocktail, coffee breaks, business lunches, cocktail parties, gala dinners.
Business Center
Secretariat / Fax / Photocopy / PC / Wifi


    Theater, for conferences and presentations.
    School, for meetings requiring visibility of the screen or presenter and when speakers need to watch, listen and write.
    Meetings, for discussions, debates.
    U style, for training sessions, presentation of study groups, taking notes.
    Banquet, for official events, dinners and celebrations, weddings and weddings, group studies and training session.
    Reception, for festive occasions, big events, interaction between the guests.


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